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Alessandro Bugo HR Director in Critical Services

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About Frontiere

Frontiere is a network of companies created in January through the merger of three major companies in the innovation sector: Alan Advantage, GreenVulcano Technologies and Hueval. With the goal of reaching EUR 15 million in turnover and doubling the number of jobs by 2025, Frontiere focuses on cutting-edge technologies in four verticals in particular: Artificial, Intelligence, Mobility Solution, Enterprise app, and New digital solutions (Metaverso, Mixed Reality, Web3, and more).
The company has about 80 employees, including technical developers, about ten Innovation Managers and experienced professionals in various technologies.

The Challenge

Frontiere, being a joint of companies with different cultures, had to affend the challenge of creating a unique and cohesive identity. The main obstacle was to form ‘Frontiere managers’ who shared a common methodology from experiences and companies that used to be separate entities with different cultures.

The Solution

The choice of Frontiere for the Wibo Leadership Academy was motivated by the desire for agile and smart training, with interactions with prominent figures in the field. The training particularly attracted corporate decision-makers due to its focus on creating cohesive teams and managing innovation.

The most appreciated aspect of the training was the opportunity for managers to challenge themselves, experimenting with new methodologies and leadership techniques, but above all, seeking the advice of more experienced figures.

The Impact

After the training sessions, managers began applying new methodologies, such as delegation and the use of different techniques to motivate teams. Although change does not happen immediately, concrete attempts to apply the new skills have been observed. These changes have been seen both in already trained team leaders and in new participants, indicating a positive impact of the Wibo Leadership Academy on the vision and managerial skills within Frontiere.

The surprising thing is that the lessons learned have been remembered over time and experimented with even months later.


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Alessandro Bugo HR Director in Critical Services

Alessandro Bugo

HR Manager at Critical Service

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Alessandro Bugo HR Director in Critical Services

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