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Matteo Chiarelli

HR Learning & Development Specialist at Alma Petroli

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About Alma Petroli

Alma Petroli is a refining company active in the Oil & Gas sector in Ravenna. With a team of 100 employees, the company’s core business is the production of bitumen, a binder used for road and industrial applications. Despite being smaller in size compared to other European refineries, Alma Petroli is a significant player in the Italian entrepreneurial landscape.

The Challenge

Alma Petroli is a company undergoing significant changes. Since 1960, the company has structured itself with management primarily from the Oil & Gas sector to enhance specific know-how and positively tackle industry challenges. The need to develop leadership skills at Alma Petroli is crucial, more so than in any other company, as important decisions are entrusted to managers who need to be trained on all key leadership topics in the shortest possible time.

The Solution

Alma Petroli chose the Wibo Leadership Academy for its innovative approach to managerial training, particularly for its flexible and accessible on-demand delivery method. In a rapidly growing and changing company, all managers are constantly engaged on various fronts. Having a training model that is spread out over time, remote, and accessible at any moment was thus a key factor in Alma Petroli’s decision. The second determining factor was the high caliber of the executives who collaborate as teachers with Wibo.

The Impact

The managers recognized situations and dynamics addressed in Wibo’s training modules in their daily activities. This awareness allowed them to view routine situations more objectively and to intervene in their automatic behaviors. This ability for self-analysis and correction led to more effective communication and more reflective decision-making, positively influencing team dynamics and their approach to problems.


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