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but a journey

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Chiara Rosati

HR Manager at Selectra Italy

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About Selectra

Selectra is a young company. It was founded in France in 2007 and arrived in Italy in 2015. It operates in the home utilities sector: electricity, gas, and internet. Selectra’s core business is to assist customers in choosing and activating contracts, making the process as effortless as possible, especially regarding the bureaucratic aspect. The company employs 150 people in Italy.

The Challenge

The main challenge for Selectra is communication. This includes internal communication between teams and managers and among different teams, as well as external communication in conveying the company’s values to the public. Additionally, it involves self-communication: each manager has a different leadership style that they need to be fully aware of to operate at their best.

The second challenge is improving the ability to give and receive feedback. Most of the managers are individual contributors who have grown within the company and become managers at Selectra. Many managers were experiencing their first long and structured training program.

The Solution

The structure of the Leadership Academy captivated the HR team at Selectra. They were particularly impressed by the fact that it was more of a well-developed journey than just a course, designed to support managers over time on all the key leadership topics.

They appreciated that the program was cyclical, revisiting the most important topics for the managers multiple times over the months. Contributing decisively to their choice were also the names of the executives participating in the Leadership Academy, all of whom come from significant roles in major multinational brands.

The Impact

The participants from Selectra greatly appreciated the opportunity to connect with some of the top executives in Italy for two main reasons: first, to learn from their mistakes, as these executives have also faced the challenges that managers encounter; second, to draw inspiration from their success stories.

In summary, the sharing of real stories of failures and successes served as a strong motivation.

There has been an increase in the managers’ awareness of their own roles at Selectra. Consequently, their communication among themselves and within their teams has also improved.


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