Alessio Brilli

Head of Offices and Regional Stores at Estra

“You interact both with other peers and with the speakers who share their experiences and help you apply them to your daily life.

How was your experience with the Leadership Academy?

It was an interesting and especially educational experience because we delved into various aspects, some of which I was already familiar with and others less so. I gathered interesting insights, especially on how to manage certain situations. For example, I wasn’t someone who gave a lot of feedback, but the executives emphasized this concept multiple times, which helped me in my daily interactions with colleagues and superiors.

What did you think of the training approach?

The training approach is very engaging; it’s dynamic, and you don’t get bored! You interact both with other peers and with the speakers who share their experiences and help you apply them to your daily life, making them your own. They manage to introduce you to even less familiar topics and make them “feel alive” within your own context.

I found this approach very interesting, both with the slides for taking notes and with the recordings and the ability to ask questions directly. All this is reinforced by an hour of peer sessions, which is interesting and very dynamic, strengthening the concepts through interaction with the coach and other peers.

What do you think of the executives involved?

The speakers were very, very good. Even the last one, who talked about the Dunning-Kruger Effect, which I knew little about, was very helpful by sharing many examples and explaining where this bias comes from and how to deal with it. Thinking about it, it actually happens quite often to be affected by the Dunning-Kruger bias! It has happened to me sometimes, and a course like this helped me understand the daily mistakes I make and how to improve.

How did the exercises with the other participants go?

In the breakout rooms, I got along very well with the people; from my side, I noticed that no one was just playing a role. Everyone presented their own problems, and the exercise helped to ground the executive’s teachings. This was truly a strength of this course because, in some other courses I have attended, this practical part was missing. It is actually fundamental as it lights up ideas on how to apply the examples to one’s own work environment.

Katia was very good at summarizing the previous session because she touched on all the points using different words. The peer session was very educational; the exercise was different but always brought the practical aspect of the session from a few days before into our daily lives.


Other participants’ stories

“I appreciate that the session is structured to provide tools for thinking that can be applied immediately.

Antonio Frigerio

Industrial Relations Business Partner at EasyJet

“It was really nice to exchange life experiences but also advice and opinions with people from all over Italy and from different companies.

Maria Scotti

Training Manager at Selectra

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