Antonio Frigerio

Industrial Relations Business Partner at EasyJet

“I appreciate that the session is structured to provide tools for thinking that can be applied immediately.

How was your experience with the Leadership Academy?

From a technical standpoint, you are very organized, precise, and attentive to details and feedback. This is an added value that is not taken for granted, especially in Italy where feedback is often underestimated. You have a European approach in asking for and receiving feedback consistently, which I really appreciate.

What do you think of the proposed content?

I found the insights shared during the sessions very interesting, even in the breakout rooms, as they help to challenge oneself. I really liked the approach, which metaphorically is to plant the concepts and then give time and help people to “germinate,” thus developing them independently and applying them to their own context.

Did it meet your expectations?

It met my expectations because it provides the right tools and leaves valuable content, sharing real-life experiences and examples from other people. At the same time, there are moments of reflection, facilitated by the coach, that allow you to process what you learn.

I liked it because it is not an end in itself; the session doesn’t just end when it concludes, but is intentionally structured to leave the right tools for reflection to be applied from the moment the camera is turned off.

The choice of Wibo was motivated by the freshness and innovative approach of the program, which stood out from the typical training offerings on the market. Additionally, the gradual delivery of the program over time was appealing.

What do you think of the executives involved?

It is wonderful to talk with those who have this type of leadership experience and listen to them share their experiences. The interaction was fundamental; the lesson was not academic but rich in interaction, which is not something to be taken for granted. The breakout rooms and practical exercises are extremely valuable.


Other participants’ stories

“It was really nice to exchange life experiences but also advice and opinions with people from all over Italy and from different companies.

Maria Scotti

Training Manager at Selectra

“You interact both with other peers and with the speakers who relate their experience and help you relate it to your everyday life“.

Alessio Brilli

Head of Offices and Regional Stores at Estra

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